What used to be an ordinary day in July became one of the most prolific and important dates in recorded history. Hank was born July 19 / 1983 and the world was never the same (many apologies to the world..) .

A self described Star Wars nut, his first interest in film production came after seeing the amazing special effects in Jurassic Park. Throughout his years inelementary / high school he devoted much of his time to teaching himself computer animation technology & techniques. It was not until midway through the second year of his BA program in University that he took a serious interest in directing and filmmaking in general.

Expanding his film horizons in university he directed his first short film that same year. The allure of telling a story through the medium had him hooked.

As a young man (2.5 years old) he began learning what is now a defining piece of his life, skiing. Slowly crafting his potential as a ski racer and an instructor, skiing has had a huge influence on Hank and to this day is the only thing that rivals his passion for film & video.

At age 11 he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, a chronic disease that has directly influenced his work and his life.

It is these 3 key pillars that define his life and help drive him towards his goals (re: world domination). His love of the outdoors, and his fascination with stories have coalesced into a unique perspective on the world and life; and in his own words: “I use film as a way to express myself and as a way to create narrative art. I enjoy the challenge of seeing a project from an idea in my head to a finished piece of work people can experience. Filmmaking is the combination of essentially all the art forms and the chance to work with other talent people is something I relish. I want to create a piece of work that affects people the same way I was affected when I first saw some of my favourite films. My unique perspective has allowed me to combine my passions and I could not see myself doing anything else”.

Hank’s film work has been screened in film festivals in Europe and around North America and has garnered several awards & nominations. He has screen credits on IMDB and is currently working on a feature film project.